All our products pack top-tier performance into the smallest possible space, achieving maximum power density with minimum weight.

The NACT power distribution module was designed to generate its best results with industrial electronics and robots. Additionally, a versatile universal AC input allows it to work with virtually any machine – functioning at a peak of 90% efficiency.

Protected against electrostatic discharges with transient voltage suppressors and fitted with additional safeguards against voltage fluctuations, overcurrent situations and thermal abnormalities - this power distribution module is at once hardy and effective.

Power Distribution Module

Tethered Drones

Boasting technical specifications that lead the pack by any measure. It triples the standard 100m tether distance, without compromise on performance. It is one of the highest tether voltage in the market, which delivers superlative luminosity at the highest resolution available commercially.


The best part?

Leviathan can work with almost any drone system currently on offer in the market.

Drone Robotics For Power

Despite weighing just 370g, the NACT power card packs a huge punch – optimized for the provision of long distance power transfers. Compact and hardy, it is designed to thrive even in rugged environments – in accordance with the military standards of MIL-STD-810G.

No stone was left unturned in the design of this power card – in the event of primary power failure, a backup power path ensures that ongoing processes continue undisrupted. Enclosed variants of this power card are also available upon request.


Like our Power Card, the S@N was made to be abused. Put through its paces underwater and subjected to rigorous all-weather stress testing, it continues to promise unmatched illumination.

We’re talking up to 150lumens/watt - topping out at 12000 lumens. This is easily 4 times the light provided by a high-intensity discharge headlight on a car for all of your industrial filming and photography such as performing infrastructure inspections. Capable of deployment at the drop of a hat, the sheer power and durability of our system also ensures that it is well-fitted for security, anti-terror and military utilisation too – and can even be adapted for automotive use.

At less than 150g, it punches above its weight in power, picture quality and hair-trigger control. The user has the freedom to customise micro-brightness output and the luxury of recording flicker-free footage at shutter speeds below a millisecond. It is also fitted with over/under voltage, over-current and thermal protection.


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