Tethered Drones

Near unlimited flight time for drones that are compliant with flight regulators -meet Titan and Leviathan.

Tethered drones are a more cost-effective way for aerial monitoring, surveillance and photography/videography than any other available options on the market.

Our turn-key tethered drone solutions are compatible with DJI, Yuneec, 3DR, Syma, Hubsan etc. Got a bespoke designed drone? We have customised solutions that will fit your every need. 



Our tethered drones are adaptable and lightweight, making it the best solution for your needs. The plug-and-play model we adopt for our tethered drones ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness for uses such as Search and Rescue, Traffic Monitoring and providing Inspection Photography when needed.


Key Features


The Leviathan weighs in at less than 4kg making it a plug-and-play option that does away with the need for a 20kg generator

High Endurance

Multi-hours endurance with hot-swappable battery


1200W Max Continuous, powering additional payloads

60m Tether

Up to 60m of tether cable with options to increase length


Key Features

Fast Deployability 

The Titan weighs in at less than 22kg. The internal battery reduces the need for a bulky external generator ensuring that Titan is fast deployable

Military Grade

Our military grade system offers the option to upgrade to MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD1275, MIL-STD 461F and more


4KW with upgrade options to 12KW

300m Tether

Up to 300m tether cable with the option to increase tether length if requested. In addition our solution offers tethered ethernet connectivity of up to 10GBPS

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