At less than 150g, the S@N punches above its weight in power, picture quality and hair-trigger control.

It provides easily 4 times the light provided by a high-intensity discharge headlight on a car. 150lumens/watt - topping out at 12,000 lumens, this solution is for all of your industrial filming and photography needs such as performing infrastructure inspections.

What's the best part? It is interchangeable thanks to a wide variety of mounting kits and reflector options.

If you have a problem that needs a lighting solution, contact us for more information and we will tailor-make one to suit your needs.



The versatility of the S@N allows it to be mounted on nearly every dominant drone model in the market today. Being lightweight and powerful, the S@N serves a multitude of needs be it industrial or commercial.

Key Features


Demonstration of a lit canal with a drone fitted with S@N.

High Luminosity

More than 150Lux/W; 

Flicker free at shutter speeds lower than 0.001s

Programmable Output

The programmable micro-brightness output allows you to control 1,000 precise steps to match your lighting needs


Less than 150g for 12K lumens

Equivalent to the weight of your remote control with the capability to light up half a football field


Onboard transient voltage suppressor which protects against ESD events

Weather Resistant

Although small, the S@N is hardy; 

Suitable for all-weather use and is water resistant

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