Drone Robotics for Power

Weighing in at a maximum of 370g, the NACT Engineering Drone Robotics for Power are high power density isolated power cards that use 1Mhz switching frequency to minimise weight and size of the converter transformer. 


It is designed for long distance DC power transfer using thinner and lighter cables. Mobile platforms that require a lightweight or flexible tether cable are best coupled with our product. 

Enclosed variants of the Power Card are available upon request. 



Our Power Cards are best used for mobile platforms that require a lightweight or flexible tethered cable such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Land Robots and Submarines

Key Features

Military Standard Potential

Built to MIL-STD 810G and RTCA DO-160 requirements


Maximum weight of 370g


Onboard Transient Voltage Suppressors protect against ESD events during handling and integration of the card assembly

High Power

90% peak efficiency with ultra-high power density

High Voltage

Up to 3000W, 120A continuous

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